About us


Skill Set Inc Remodeling Inc., has been doing business for the valley for more than a decade. We are a family-oriented business that started from the ground up. The owner, Robert Garcia, immigrated to the United States from Mexico with just a dream and a few dollars in his pocket. He wanted to make a better life for his family, and so he did.

Robert began by knocking on doors to see if anyone needed house painting. From there he quickly learned his trade, becoming proficient at painting and other trades, as well as learning English in addition to his native Spanish. Eventually, he obtained his general contractor’s license and built his company.

Skill Set Inc Remodeling Inc. has been grown into a full scale, family-oriented company specializing in all aspects of both residential and commercial remodeling and as well as repairs. We have become a company with an outstanding reputation and have grown large enough to employ more than just family members. All of this came from the dream of an amazing man to make a better life for his family. As a result, you can trust us to go above and beyond to take care of our clients just like we would our own family.